Scales that weigh in Kilogram (Kg)

SKU: Tree DCT-110
Brand: Tree

Tree DCT 110 Dual Platform Counting Scale from LW Measurements. Main Platform 100 lb x 0.002 lb. Sample Platform 5 lb x 0.0001 lb. RS232C, USB and AC Adapter.

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Brand: Tree

Tree DCT 50 Dual Platform Parts Counting Digital Bench Scale from LW Measurements Main platform is 50lb capacity with accuracy of 0.001lb. Sample Platform is  2 lbs x 0.00005 lbs. 

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SKU: Tree LC-VS 400
Brand: Tree

The Tree LC VS 400 Veterinary digital scale from LW Measurements features a large AB plastic weighing platform, 400lb maximum weighing capacity with 0.1lb minimum resolution. This vet scale has two different weighing units Pounds and Kilograms. It also comes with a handy rubber mat, convenient rollers and handles. It also has AC power supply adapter.

SKU: Tree LBS 500
Brand: Tree

The Tree LBS 500 Large Bench Scale is Heavy Duty Industrial Warehouse Shipping Receiving Scale.  The LBS-500 has a maximum weighing capacity of 500lb and minimum readability of 0.1lb.  It features a solid structure stainless platform of 18 x 24" and neck column of 26" high.  The remote LCD indicator height from floor to top of display is 33".  Includes AC power adapter and rechargeable battery.

SKU: Tree CSS-200
Brand: Tree

Tree CSS-200 by LW Measurements is a heavy duty 200 pound capacity by 0.05 lb resolution digital shipping and receiving postal postage weigh scale with stainless weighing platform and AC power adapter.

SKU: LWC 800
Brand: Tree

Large Platform 800 Pound Digital Weight Scale Wheelchair Floor Weighing Machine
Capacity / Resolution : 800lb x 0.2lb
Weighing Surface: 39" x 38" x 1" 
Platform: 42" x 39" x 3" 

SKU: Tree LC-VS 330
Brand: Tree

Tree LC-VS-330 Veterinary Digital Weigh Scale from LW Measurements features a medium sized weighing platform with 330lb maximum weighing capacity and 0.1lb minimum resolution. Great for weighing all sorts of animals including pets and livestock. Unit switching between Pounds and Kilograms or LB:Oz. It also has AC power supply adapter.

SKU: LVS 700
Brand: Tree

Tree LVS-700 Large Veterinary Digital Weigh Scale from LW Measurements is perfect for weighing medium to large sized pets, animals, livestock etc. Features a large stainless steel weighing platform with 700lb maximum weighing capacity and 0.2lb minimum resolution. Unit switching between Pounds and Kilograms. It also has AC power supply adapter. The remote LCD display can be mounted.

SKU: Tree HRB-20001
Brand: Tree

Tree HRB-20001 High Capacity Bench Counting Scale Precision Balance 20kg x 0.1g Features a large 7.8" x 8.5" stainless platform and multiple weighing units, an LCD display with selectable backlight and auto-off, RS-232 computer interface connectivity and parts counting mode.  This balance is powered by the included AC adapter or rechargeable batteries.

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The Radwag WLC A Series Precision Balance is designed for quick and precise mass determination of weighed loads under laboratory or industrial conditions.  It comes standard with an internal rechargeable battery (at 230V) and RS 232 output.  The WLC Series has a stainless steel weighing platform and backlit LCD display for clear and legible measurement result.

SKU: WLC 20.X2

RADWAG WLC 20.X2 is a high capacity precision laboratory balance scale. With 20kg max weighing load and 0.1g accuracy reading, RS232 Wifi USB connectivity, the WLC 20.X2 represents a new advanced level for precision balances featuring the latest generation capacitive display, ease of operation, clear menu and practical arrangement of the display guarantee the best ergonomics for your application.

SKU: Tree MCT 33 Plus
Brand: Tree

Tree MCT 33 Plus Advanced Parts Counting Digital Bench Scale 33Lb x 0.001lb features full numerical keyboard, weighs in pounds, ounces, kilograms or grams. Large stainless steel weighing platform, A/C power adapter, stability indicator, level bubble. Auto backlit & auto shut-off. Low battery indicator. 2 year warranty.

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