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SKU: Tree WPB-13
Brand: Tree

The Tree WPB-13 Washdown Scale by LW Measurements is IP65 Certified waterproof.  Designed for use in the food industry or laboratory.  It can be washed or rinsed off to clean away any food particles or chemicals from the scale.  It weighs in Kilograms, grams, pounds, ounces and lb:oz with a maximum capacity of 13lbs and a minimum resolution of 0.01oz or 0.005lbs.

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Brand: Tree

The Tree LC-VS-60 Veterinary Scale features a smaller sized weighing platform with 60lb maximum weighing capacity and 0.2lb minimum resolution for weighing all sorts of small to medium size animals including pets and livestock. Unit switching between Pounds and Kilograms or LB:Oz. AC power supply adapter. The LCD display is built in to the scale base. RS232 port for connectivity to a computer.

SKU: Tree SPS-35
Brand: Tree

Tree SPS-35 Digital Postal Shipping Scale 35lb x 0.2oz This scale has five weighing modes pounds, ounces, lb:oz, kilograms and grams. The auto hold feature, AC Power option, large platform, bright LCD display, zero / tare function and easy calibration

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SKU: Tree MRW-3
Brand: Tree

The Tree MRW-3 Digital Bench Scale is a water resistant wash-down electronic balance. With a 3lb capacity and 0.0001 pound resolution the MRW-3 is versatile, reliable and sturdy. Weighs in kilograms, grams, pounds, ounces and lb:oz.

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SKU: PIZA Plus 12
Brand: Tree

The brand new pizza kitchen scale from LW measurements is a 12lb x 0.002lb stainless platform scale with a remote display that features bluetooth connectivity. The Tree PIZA Plus 12 weighs in pounds, ounces, and Lb:oz.

SKU: WLC 20/A2

The Radwag WLC 20/A2 Precision Balance is designed for quick and precise mass determination of weighed loads under laboratory or industrial conditions.  It comes standard with an internal rechargeable battery (at 230V) and RS 232 output.  The WLC Series has a stainless steel weighing platform and backlit LCD display for clear and legible measurement result.

SKU: WLC 120/C2/K

Radwag WLC 120/C2/K High Capacity Platform Scale Laboratory or Industrial Weigh Scale Parts Counting 120 kilogram x 2 Gram


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