Reloading grain scales for weighing gun powder

SKU: AWS Gemini 20

AWS Gemini 20 Precision Milligram Scale from American Weigh Scales is a High Precision Digital Balance Weighs up to 20g in 0.001g increments 4 Weighing Modes Gram, Ounce, Carat, Grain.  Includes Carrying Case, Tweezers & Calibration Weight.  Great for weighing powder in the lab or for reloading, precious gems, diamonds or gold, Jewelry or coins.

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SKU: Tree KHR 123
Brand: Tree

The Tree KHR 123 precision laboratory milligram balance with glass draft shield from LW Measurements is ideal for school, home, office or laboratory use. Five Weighing Units gram mg dwt ozt and grain.

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SKU: Tree HRB-20001
Brand: Tree

Tree HRB-20001 High Capacity Bench Counting Scale Precision Balance 20kg x 0.1g Features a large 7.8" x 8.5" stainless platform and multiple weighing units, an LCD display with selectable backlight and auto-off, RS-232 computer interface connectivity and parts counting mode.  This balance is powered by the included AC adapter or rechargeable batteries.

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SKU: HRB 623
Brand: Tree

Tree HRB 623 Magnetic Force Milligram Balance from LW Measurements has a capacity of 620 g and resolution of 1 mg. It offers glass draft shield and RS232 and USB ports for computer connectivity.

SKU: PS 450.3Y

The PS 450 3Y from Radwag is a high precision professional laboratory milligram balance scale has many functions; Check Weighing, Dosing, Air Density, Parts Counting, Percentage Formulation, Under Hook Weighing, Density Determination and more.

SKU: AS 220.R2

The Radwag AS 220.R2 professional laboratory analytical balance scale weigh up to 220 grams with a precision of 0.1 milligram. 

SKU: CCT 100
Brand: Tree

Tree CCT-100 Mini Digital Pocket Jewelry Scale from LW Measurements 100g x 0.01g 

SKU: AS 310.R2

The Radwag AS 310.R2 Analytical Balance weighs up to 310 grams with a minimum resolution of 0.1 milligram. Features RS232 and WiFi connectivity.

SKU: PS 1000.R2

This is the RADWAG PS 1000.R2 Precision Balance Lab Scale 1000g x 1mg AC USB RS232 WiFi

Maximum capacity [Max]: 1000g
Readability [d]: 0.001g

SKU: Tree HRB-S 1002 TL
Brand: Tree

The Tree HRB-S 1002 TL Stainless Top Loader Scale from LW measurements is a compact bench style weigh scale with a stainless steel finish. It weighs up to 1000g with a minimum readability of 0.01g Features USB connectivity and AC power adapter option.

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SKU: AS 82/220.X2 PLUS

The AS 82/220.X2 Plus Series from RADWAG are Analytical laboratory balances with a spacious weighing chamber for the measurement of small masses.

SKU: Tree HRB-103
Brand: Tree

Tree HRB-103 precision laboratory balance 100g x 0.001g with large backlit LCD display, rugged ABS housing, heavy duty load cell, glass draft shield, leveling feet to ensure accurate weighing, removable stainless steel weigh pan, multiple weighing modes, RS232 interface, A/C power supply.

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